Realme vs Redmi: Whose Power Bank is Best?

Since the rise of Realme, it has been giving a good competition to every international brand, including Redmi. 

At a broader level, Realme and Redmi Are the subsidiaries of BBK electronics which is a Chinese multinational company.

Apart from that, BBK electronics also have world-renowned brands such as One Plus, Oppo, and Vivo Under its subsidiaries. 

So it will be foolish to compare both the companies as they are going to have similar research and development teams. 

But, as a consumer, we can compare the products launched by the companies. 

Today we will compare power banks launched by both companies with similar pricing and capacity and find which is the best.


To give it a fair competition, we have selected power banks of both companies with near to similar pricing and battery capacity. 

We are going to compare Redmi power bank 3i 20000 mAh capacity and Realme 20000 mAh Power Bank 2. 

Both power banks are priced well under 2000 Indian rupees. 

During any sale, you can even buy them for around 1500, which could be your best deal.

Connectivity ports

We are not going to waste our time comparing the capacity of both power banks as they both have an equal 20000 mAh capacity. 

We will compare the features of both power banks as they are going to make a true difference.

When it comes to connectivity ports, we can clearly see the winner is Redmi. 

It comes with four ports. 

You will get two USB ports, one type C and one micro USB port. It clearly means you can charge any mobile or earphone you want. 

At the same time, you can also use type C and USB micro to recharge your power bank, which is a unique feature.

On the other hand, Realme comes with a basic 3 port setting where you will get two USB type A and one USB type C. 

Both of the devices are capable of charging three devices at the same time with 18 Watt fast charging.


The next thing anyone is going to see in a power bank is durability. 

Realme Comes with 14-layer circuit protection, while Redmi comes with 12-layer circuit protection. 

If you go at the numbers, then you will find that Realme is good as it comes with two extra layers of circuit protection.

At some level, it is true because the more layers of circuit protection you have, the better it is. 

But technical experts believe that there is no difference once you cross the 10-layer circuit protection. 

Both of the power banks are well protected and made out of good plastic. 


I know we should have talked about grip in the durability section, but in my personal opinion, it should be different than durability.

When you look at Realme power bank, you will find it has no rings, For you to have a better grip on your power bank. 

On the other hand, Redmi Does not come with any grip at all. It comes with a Matt texture which can be slippery in many situations. 


The next thing anyone is going to see in a power bank is the design. 

Realme Comes with a dual-tone design where you can get either a yellow body with black branding or a black body with yellow branding. 

On the other hand, Redmi Power bank does not have any different color branding on the power bank. 

The company has used a small, simple brand name with a similar color. 

Redmi Power bank looks more professional and classical as compared to Realme.

Final thoughts

Both power banks have similar capacity and power output capacity. 

The things which make a difference are the overall design, circuit layer protection, and grip. 

In our personal opinion, Redmi is a way more classical and reliable company. 

If you are in a formal setting and you want to use a power bank in your office, then you should go with Redmi. 

On the other hand, youngsters can select Realme. 

Both power banks are capable of recharging three devices at the same time with similar speeds, so it is not going to make any performance difference.

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