How Does a Power Bank Work?

Most people in the world heavily rely on digital devices. 

Some of them use digital devices for professional reasons, while some use them for entertainment purposes. 

No matter what, we are becoming more dependent on these digital devices every day.

Usually, it is not a problem if you live in a city or town where you do not have any problems related to electricity. 

But, people who travel a lot within the city or outside the city for professional and personal reasons require an additional or portable power source to charge these devices.

That is why power banks were launched by several electronic companies. 

Just like other products in the world, you should understand the basic build of a power bank to use it more effectively. 

Today we are going to talk about how a power bank works.

Basics of power bank

Before we talk about anything, let’s first discuss the basics of a power bank. 

The basics will help you understand the idea behind a power bank.

We buy power banks because we want a portable power source for our electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. 

We can also charge our Bluetooth earphones, headphones, or use it to operate our smart home features such as Alexa and Google Home.

  • Every power bank has three major components, which we are going to discuss soon. These three components include the battery, circuit board, and outer case.
  • First of all, you have to charge the power bank itself so that it can store electrical power to use when required.
  • In order to charge the power bank itself, you require an electric connection, or you can also use a bigger power source than your power bank.
  • Once your power bank is recharged, then you can use it to charge other electronic devices. When you are charging your electronic devices with a power bank, you do not require any additional Power source for your power bank.

Components of power bank

Now you have understood the basics of a power bank, and it is time for you to learn about the three major components of a power bank. 

These three components will help you understand the basics of a power bank if you do not understand it right now.


The first and most important component of any power bank is its battery. 

You might have seen power banks with a different capacity, such as 10,000 or 20,000 mAh. Those numbers are the capacity of the battery inside the power bank.

Bigger than the number in capacity is equal to more power stored in the power bank. 

You can charge this battery using its charger and power outlet. Later this battery will use a circuit board to power your electronic devices using the electricity stored in the power bank.

Circuit board

A Circuit board is another major component that helps you do two things. 

First of all, it will help you charge the battery in the power bank, and later, it will help you charge your electronic devices using the power stored in the battery over the power bank. 

That circuit board is going to use a few ports to perform both of the tasks. By that time, these circuits are also improving, and nowadays, you can use multiple sources to charge your power bank and charge your electronic devices.

You can even use a wireless charging coil to recharge your electronic devices, and your power bank can become wireless. 

Protection cover

The third most important component of any power bank is the protection cover. 

These protection covers come in different sizes and colors. 

The main reason for using a protection cover is to keep all the components of the power bank together and provide it with more security and stability. 

However, better design of protection cover does not tell anything about the quality of a power bank. 

Therefore, you should consider all the components together before you buy any power.

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