Can we Charge a Laptop with a Power Bank?

Those who are actively using power banks always wonder if we can charge laptops with a power bank. 

The question is pretty obvious as we get used to charging our mobile phones with our power bank on a regular basis.

There is a probability that you might have bought Your power bank to use your mobile phone while traveling, but now you are using it as a regular mobile charger. 

Most of us experience this transition after three to four months of regular usage of both power banks.

No matter how useful and upgraded our mobile phones have become in recent years, they are never going to replace our laptops. 

Mobile phones put so many restrictions, including performance and software compatibility, which is not an issue with laptops.

The combination of performance and portability provided by laptops and mobile phones respectively pushed a lot of people like you to look for ways to charge laptops with power banks.

How to charge laptops with a power bank?

First of all, let me tell you, yes, you can charge your laptops with your power bank if your power bank allows you to do it. 

If your power bank is compatible with recharging, have you made a device like a laptop, then you are completely open to doing it. 

Usually, laptop manufacturers create laptops with 105 Watt or 135 Watt chargers.

On the other hand, most of the power banks come with 5 Volt 2 Amp or 9 Volt 2 Amp power output. 

Both of these types are not even close to charging a laptop. 

That is why it requires a specific power bank that is capable of charging your laptops.

How to select a power bank for laptops?

Now you might be wondering what type of power bank you should select which will go with your laptop. 

Kindly take a deep look at these requirements and steps. 

It might cause you the inconvenience of returning or exchanging with the right model if you do not read those steps very carefully.


The first thing you should see in your laptop is its ideal power requirement. 

For example, most Lenovo IdeaPad laptops require 135 watts of charging capacity. 

On the other hand, MacBook Pro requires around 87 watts. There is one specific MacBook Pro version that has a 12-inch display. 

In order to recharge that specific model, you just need 29 Watt power output. 

That is why you should check the power requirement of your specific laptop as it is different in each model of the laptop, even with the same company.

The second thing you should look at is the battery capacity of your laptop. 

Most power banks offer around 80 to 90% of output capacity after two months of regular usage. 

That is why we are going to take that as a base.

If your laptop has a 5000 mAh Battery capacity and you want to charge your laptop twice, then you have to buy a power bank with at least 15,000 power capacity because you are just going to get 80 to 90% of power output after two months of regular usage.

Lastly, you can check the connectivity options to move your power bank. 

You might require a type C to type C connectivity option in order to use the fast charging feature of your laptop. 

Buying the power bank

There is a probability that the specific model you require for your laptop, or you like is not available. 

In that case, you might have to compromise with some features which are not offered by a similar power bank and power bank manufacturer company. 


In the above section, we have talked about three specific features of the power bank for laptops, and you should never ignore or compromise with those features. 

Those are the basic features, And you are not supposed to compromise with them. 

If any other power bank provides similar basic features, then you can buy that power bank also.

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