Can We Carry a Power Bank in Flight?

Power banks have become one of the most popular and useful accessories. 

Those who travel frequently understand the importance of having a good power bank along with other important accessories, including earphones and a back cover.

Along with our mobile phones, we carry power banks everywhere we go. 

A power Bank of 20,000 capacity can provide at least four full charges to any mobile phone. 

At the same time, the smaller version of 10,000 capacity can provide two full charges, which is more than enough to survive at least two to three days, depending on your usage.

Carrying a power bank is not a problem when you are traveling in a private vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, or bus. 

But, when it comes to flying with your power bank, it changes everything as you have to rely on the rules and regulations of Global standards of safety.

Can you carry a power bank in flight?

Before we move ahead and talk about anything related to carrying your power bank in flight, let me tell you that you are allowed to carry a power bank on your flight.

Rules and regulations related to power banks have changed in recent years, and as per the latest rules, you are allowed to take up to 100 Watt-hour power banks in your hand luggage.

If you don’t know about the capacity of your power bank, then you can use the below-given formula. 

The formula will help you to come up with Watt-hours of your power bank.

MAH/1000 * Voltage = Watt Hours

For example, you have a power Bank of 5 Volt and 10,000 mAh capacity. The as per the formula 10,000 / 1000 * 5 = 50 Watt-hours. 

Rules of carrying power bank in flights

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) keeps updating its rules and regulations regarding carrying power banks on flights. 

As per the latest rules and regulations, you are allowed to carry Power banks under some conditions.

  • You should carry all of your power bank devices which are for personal use only. If you are buying power banks for the purpose of reselling them, then you cannot carry them on a plane.
  • You must carry all of your power banks in hand luggage or carry round luggage. You are not allowed to carry your power banks in checked-in luggage.
  • Each passenger cannot carry more than two power banks at a time. Airport staff has the authority to extra power banks at the airport.
  • If your power bank has been rated below 100 watts/hour, then you can carry it without permission in your carry bag.
  • At the same time, if your power bank is rated more than 100 to 160 watts/hour, then you have to get the approval of the airlines. 
  • Some airlines might prohibit you from carrying any power bank above 100 watts hour capacity. Till you get a power bank below 100-watt hour capacity, you are completely fine to carry it in your hand luggage.

Why do airlines not allow you to carry power banks in your check-in luggage?

As per the rules and regulations released by The International Air Transport Association (IATA), Power banks are prohibited from taking in your checking luggage. 

In the past, and in several studies, it has already been seen that Lithium-ion batteries Can catch fire easily, and it gets very hard to contain the fire in a flight.

In the cabin, everyone can see when the power bank is going out of hand, while in the luggage area, no one will be able to see the spread of fire, and as a result, it might cause a crash. 

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